Analysis of the Deal or No Deal Roulette Game

How to Play the Roulette Game “Deal or No Deal”

Since its debut in the late ’90s, Deal or No Deal has gone on to become an iconic game show. Playzido’s Deal or No Deal Roulette is a clever spin on the classic game, and it’s easy to see why: the game is quite popular. Through an optional side wager, players can increase their chances of winning the two additional features.

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Structure of the Game

This is a twist on European roulette that borrows elements from the popular Deal or No Deal game. The visuals are top-notch, and the ball’s physics seem superb, with each spin being distinct from the last.

Bets are placed on blue felt, and the betting arrangement fills the whole window. The player can view the wheel or the racetrack by clicking on them. It’s obvious that Playzido made Deal or No Deal Roulette with mobile devices in mind, just by looking at it.

Because of this, the game’s UI is naturally proportioned for mobile, and the key buttons are conveniently located.

One distinctive feature was the layout of the accompanying victory records. In a straightforward hot and cold numbers segment, the game highlights the top five most commonly landed and bottom five least frequently landed numbers. Nothing revolutionary, but it sure does look nice and organized.

This version of roulette has a ring around the edge that spins separately from the main wheel, allowing for the bonus round function. We’ll get to the bonus ring and how it works in a little, but for now, just know that it features two big white areas with a red box and a black telephone positioned on opposite places of the ring.

Sounds & Music from a Roulette Game

Not only does Deal or No Deal Roulette have great music in the background, but the sound effects are outstanding as well. The sounds created by the ball as it bounces and spins in the pockets are incredibly realistic, even down to the sense of depth.

And unlike many other games, not every turn of the wheel has the same exact noise. Instead, Playzido included some audio customization options.

The voiceovers are also crystal clear, and the general quality of the game is quite stable. The music is significantly louder than the sound effects, and there is no method to adjust the volume other than to mute the device.

Inherent Characteristics

The gameplay is similar to that of European roulette, but there are two additional bonus games to enjoy! To activate these optional features, the ball must enter the bonus ring (recall that we discussed this feature in relation to the red box and the black telephone).

Now, keep in mind that this functionality will not activate instantly. A chip or bet must be placed on the bonus bet area of the table. This section sits at the display’s base.

The extra spin on the deal wheel is activated by the black telephone. In this round, players must select a red box in order to add a gold, silver, or bronze multiplier to the deal wheel’s existing collection of cash prizes.

The players then spin the wheel, and the payout is determined by where the ball stops. If you feel you might have done better, though, you may always try again. There are three chances to spin for maximum winnings.

When the red box icon is triggered, the standard Deal or No Deal bonus round will begin. First, select your fortunate box, and then in the next four rounds, select the red boxes. After each round, the banker will make players an offer; you can accept this offer and bank the round’s cards or try again.

The maximum payouts for the deal wheel (black telephone) and the deal or no deal game (red box) are 101 and 150 times, respectively.

In addition, both the base game and the bonus bet have a return to player percentage of 97.30%.

A Word on the Roulette Game of Deal or No Deal

One of our favorite roulette games is Deal or No Deal Roulette by Playzido. This stylish and user-friendly casino game has won us over with its sleek design, generous bonuses, and fun gameplay, all of which have been fine-tuned for use in mobile casinos. There wasn’t anything we could locate to contradict this title. If we were to pick apart the experience, we may say that it would have been preferable if there had been an option to turn the music down.

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