Play’n GO, a Swedish software company, clearly favors grid-based slot machines,

and they’ve had a ton of success with them. The format’s adaptability is a major plus for using it. You can pick just about any shape you want, from the volcanic hijinks of Gold Volcano to the 5×5 lunacy of Moon Princess. Diamond Vortex is Play’n GO’s latest creation, and it was designed using draft rulers.

The studio’s utilization of a hexagon in Diamond Vortex is not unique. It also popped up in bee infested slot Honey Rush, both games organizing the grid in a 4-5-6-7-6-5-4 row configuration. Diamond Vortex is no longer placed in the forests, but rather in outer space, in front of a whirling nebula. Diamond Vortex may not have the same welcoming feel as Honey Rush, but it has its own unique appeal.

The default RTP of Diamond Vortex is 96.20%, however operators can adjust this so you may find lower settings. It is playable from 20 p/c up to $/€100 per spin, across a variety of devices. It goes without saying that you should always verify that you have the most up-to-date and accurate version before using it. Volatility, the other half of the mathematical model, is scored as a 7 out of 10 by the creator, which is medium/high.

The goal of the game is to win by forming groups of three or more of the same symbol. A cluster is formed by at least six adjacent matching symbols, and when a cluster is eliminated, new symbols cascade into the empty spaces. As long as winners keep falling, the number of possible wins increases. Multiple, non-connected clusters of the same symbol type are treated as individual cluster wins.

Despite being bits of interplanetary rock, the symbols involved have a slight fruity appearance. The high payouts consist of four bigger quartz-like chunks, while the low payments are four smaller bits painted in various colors. A group of 35 or more low payouts is worth 10x as much as 35 or more of the pinky premium, which is worth 100x.

Advantages of the Diamond Vortex

Okay, players, you’re about to be hit with a lot of features at once. In most cases, seeing something in action is much more helpful than reading about it, but let’s give it a shot anyhow.

To begin, the playing field is divided into three concentric rings, with a Spot and a Zone allotted to each. Zones remain stationary at the top of each ring, whereas Spots start at the bottom and move clockwise in order after each win.

After each successful spin, the Rotate function is activated. The mechanism rotates the inner ring counterclockwise, the middle ring in the opposite direction, and the outer ring in the same direction. Symbols that don’t win are carried forward by the rings, and then new ones are dumped into the empty spaces. Keep in mind that Zones stay put while Spots come and go.

There are two types of wilds in Diamond Vortex: the regular Core Wild and the Sticky Wild. There is just one Core Wild which lies in the middle of the grid, whereas Sticky Wilds may be added throughout cascades. Sticky Wilds stay on the grid after being utilized in a successful combo, but relocate to a new ring that is closer to the Core Wild.

The Consume ability is triggered whenever a Sticky Wild jumps onto the Core Wild. Now, the game’s win multiplier is enhanced by +1 with each devoured Sticky Wild, up to a maximum of x20. All Core Wild-involved wins are multiplied by this amount. The multiplier starts over at 1 on each new spin of the base game.

Then, the Transform function is activated whenever one of those Spots reaches a Zone. Each ring’s symbols are changed to the same paying symbol using this functionality. In theory, all rings can undergo the transformation simultaneously, producing a uniform sign throughout the board. Spots will reset to the bottom of the hex on the next spin of the base game.

A triggered round of free spins is the final feature before we take a brief break. Rotating a bonus symbol into a Zone triggers 5 bonus spins. Neither the Core Wild Multiplier nor the Spots will revert to their original positions between spins in the bonus round. It is still possible for bonus symbols to reach Zones, and if they do, 5 additional free spins will be awarded.

Conclusion of the Diamond Vortex

There was a lot of material to process, so I hope we didn’t lose too many of you. Any uncertainties will be immediately dispelled in actual play, as the many components have been neatly packaged by Play’n GO into a unified whole. If you’re looking for a high-end grid slot that really hits its stride when all of its components come together, look no further than Diamond Vortex.

In the appearance area, Diamond Vortex is a sort of mash-up of Honey Rush and Starburst with its similarly minimalist, interstellar aura. It not brutally volatile either, which these grid spots rarely are, so would suit gamers who like a bit more forgiving arithmetic paradigm.

Diamond Vortex, released at the end of the cosmic night, is another competent grid slot from the Play’n GO team, offering up to 5,000 times the bet. Every detail has been carefully crafted to complement one another, building tension until the thrilling climax. It has all the makings of a good grid slot, with the ability to string together wins into extended rolls with plenty of opportunities for exploding features and big payouts.






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